Onsen Techniques®

Volume IV

Functional Assessments and Treatments of the Upper Body

Date:18 & 19 November 2022 9:00 〜17:00 QLD Time

Venue: CWA Hall - 125 Marine Parade Coolangatta QLD 4225 



Volume IV will take the therapist through a specific set of assessment protocols for testing muscles that cause problems in the structural components of the cervical, thoracic, scapular and shoulder regions.

•  Learn how to assess and restore Range of Motion for

   joints in the Shoulder region, including a very detailed

   Shoulder evaluation chart.

•  Step by step pictorials for finding the clients source of

   pain and common adhesion sites restricting movement

   in both shoulder and neck and the protocol for their


•  Learn how to assess and correct length and strength

   imbalances of muscles affecting the neck and upper


•  Learn to locate common adhesions sites restricting

   movements in the neck and shoulder.

•  A practicum for the application of the Onsen

   Techniques® integrating Volumes III & IV will help you

   bring both structural and functional practice into a

   the protocol that will work for you and your client.