Onsen Techniques®

Volume I

Structural Assessments and Treatments of the Thoracolumbar, Sacral & Pelvic regions

Date:26 & 27 February 2021  9:00 〜16:00 

Venue:TBA (Kigscliff or Tweed Heads) 




•  This class is directed towards those interested in      

   understanding the mechanisms causing low back pain.

•  It teaches how to assess deviations of the pelvis,

   sacrum and lumbar spine in detail.

•  Volume I will take a look at the assessment and

   correction of single and multiple rotations of the    

   vertebrae, pelvic rotations, upslips of the SI Joint, and

   Symphysis pubis misalignment.

•  Treatment procedures will be provided for correcting

   pelvic, sacral and other lumber dysfunctions.