Onsen Techniques®

Volume II


Date:27 & 28 May 2022  9:00 〜17:00 

Venue: CWA Hall - 125 Marine Parade Coolangatta QLD 4225


•  Learn how to assess and restore Range of Motion for

   joints in the pelvis and lumbar spine.

•  Learn how to assess and correct both length and

   strength imbalances of muscles affecting the pelvis.

•  Learn to locate common adhesion sites restricting

   activity in the lower body and the protocol for their


•  Volume II will take the therapist through a specific set

   of assessment protocols for testing muscles which

   cause problems in the structural components of the

   lower body.

•  During this volume, the therapist will learn active,

   passive, resisted, strength and fatigue assessments of

   muscles affecting the pelvic region.

•  We will also address specific testing and treatment of inert       and contractile tissues.  We will include a

   practicum for the application of Onsen Techniques®,

   integrating both Lower Body Volumes I & II.