Onsen Techniques®

The Onsen Techniques® is divided into four individual volume courses, where you receive a Treatment of Pain™ Volume DVD video clinic free, with the corresponding step by step Volume textbook and new pictorial workbook that will give you more hands on practice time. These books are spiral bound together in separate volumes so that you may take them in your therapy room for easy reference!

You may also purchase this 4 part DVD video clinic and text/workbook separately through our distance education CE hr Program.


Onsen Volume I
Structural Assessment and Corrections of the Thoracolumbar, sacral & pelvic region

•  This class is directed towards those interested in      

   understanding the mechanisms causing low back pain.

•  It teaches how to assess deviations of the pelvis,

   sacrum and lumbar spine in detail.

•  Volume I will take a look at the assessment and

   correction of single and multiple rotations of the    

   vertebrae, pelvic rotations, upslips of the SI Joint, and

   Symphysis pubis misalignment.

•  Treatment procedures will be provided for correcting

   pelvic, sacral and other lumber dysfunctions.

Onsen Volume II
Functional Assessment and Corrections of the Lower Body

•  Learn how to assess and restore Range of Motion for

   joints in the pelvis and lumbar spine.

•  Learn how to assess and correct both length and

   strength imbalances of muscles affecting the pelvis.

•  Learn to locate common adhesion sites restricting

   activity in the lower body and the protocol for their


•  Volume II will take the therapist through a specific set

   of assessment protocols for testing muscles which

   cause problems in the structural components of the

   lower body.

•  During this volume the therapist will learn active,

   passive, resisted, strength and fatigue assessments of

   muscles affecting the pelvic region.

•  We will also address specific testing and treatment of

   inert and contractile tissues.  We will include a

   practicum for the application of Onsen Techniques®,

   integrating both Lower Body Volumes I & II.

Onsen Volume III
Structural Assessment and Corrections of the Cervical & Thoracic Spinal regions

This class is for those interested in understanding the mechanisms causing

pain that originates from the cervical and thoracic regions of the spine.

•  There has never been a treatment of the cervical spine

   so detailed, yet so easy to learn and easy on the client.    Clients who do not like their cervical spine wrenched  

   by other therapists come to the Onsen Therapist for a

   quick easy painless release of this area. Students will

   be taught to assess and correct structural deviations in

   these two sections of the spine.

•  Considerations will be given to subjects such as:

   a)  tilted or forward head, movement of the OA, AA and

        cervical spine

   b)  high/low shoulder

   c)  Hyperkyphosis

   d)  concussion, migraines, headaches, pressure of

        base of the skull

   e)  tinnitus of the ear

   f)   whiplash of the anterior and posterior regions of the


   g)  side bending and rotation of the cervical vertebrae

   h)  flexed or extended lesions of the cervical-thoraco



Volume III will also address

•  Type I dysfunctions which cause deviations of the

   upper spine, neck, shoulder and scapular.

•  It will also address Type II dysfunctions resulting in

   facet joint closure creating a side bend and rotation of

   the affected vertebra to the side of the closure.

Onsen Volume IV
Functional Assessment and Corrections of the Upper Body

Volume IV will take the therapist through a specific set of assessment protocols for testing muscles which cause problems in the structural components of the cervical, thoracic, scapular and shoulder regions.

•  Learn how to assess and restore Range of Motion for

   joints in the Shoulder region including a very detailed

   Shoulder evaluation chart.

•  Step by step pictorials for finding the clients source of

   pain and common adhesion sites restricting movement

   in both shoulder and neck and the protocol for their


•  Learn how to assess and correct length and strength

   imbalances of muscles affecting the neck and upper


•  Learn to locate common adhesions sites restricting

   movements in the neck and shoulder.

•  A practicum for the application of the Onsen

   Techniques® integrating Volumes III & IV will help you

   bring both structural and functional practice into a

   protocol that will work for your and your client.